Cyber Security Awareness Month

2 min readOct 11, 2022

Ransomware — Tips

Imagine: One morning, when you go onto your work computer, you discover that all of your correspondence, crucial files, and data have vanished. Your company is unable to run. Your phone is exploding with calls from annoyed clients. Then you discover a message requesting $100,000 to recover everything.

The culprit? Ransomware. The losses that result from a halt in operations and the loss of those files and data are far greater than $100,000, and it doesn’t even begin to cover them. And what’s worse? It was far too simple to execute.

Possibility of Ransomware. Be Vigilant!

A hacker entering your business, generally through a phishing email, then encrypting your files in exchange for a ransom is known as ransomware. Large organisations were nearly always the sole targets of ransomware hackers in the past since their operations would collapse without access to their data. These same hackers are currently targeting mid and small sized businesses including General Stores. Yes, even people are at risk from these cyber crimes. When they don’t take this kind of threat seriously, everyone is put in danger. One thing to remember is that phishing emails are the main method used by hackers to carry out these assaults. Be vigilant at all times and be wary of every email and link!

Ransomware on the Incline: Don’t be a Victim!

According to studies, these attacks have increased significantly in frequency and coordination during the past few years. The era of lone “freelance attackers” is long gone, and we are now in one where organised hacking organisations provide the platforms and infrastructure needed to wreak havoc. Even some organisations, like REvil and Conti, have begun to provide ransomware as a service. Make sure your defences are as sophisticated as or more so than these cybercriminals given their degree of competence. Your privacy and livelihood may depend on it.

Ransomware Facts You Need To Know:

  1. Ransomware cost the globe $20 billion in 2021. Twenty with a B.
  2. Attacker’s targets are these top 5 industries: Education (15%), municipalities (12%), healthcare (12%), infrastructure (8%) and financial (6%).
  3. Ransomware attacks on the healthcare and financial sectors alone… Tripled in the last 12 months.

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