Cybersecurity Cockpit — A Pilot View

What is a Cockpit and its functions?

How is it linked to Cyberspace?

Is there any such requirement?

Benefits of having such dashboard:

  • Compliance and best defense
  • Asset management of the wide range of enterprise network will be done with ease
  • The time lag between incident and response will be minimized
  • Whole overview of patch management at a single point
  • Monitor Services of the End-Points
  • Fetching live Process from machines
  • Determining unwanted Applications/Service not only at technical level but also Executive level

Does this kind of feature exist in the cyber world?

Do we have any such software?

  • Comprehensive Asset management — CMDB
  • Process view and resource performance monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Management
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management View
  • Hardening boundaries checks
  • Trigger based IOA , IOC monitoring
  • MITRE, NIST, CIS and more Control Live Watch
  • 100% flexible checks based on custom policies
  • Incident Response — single source of truth



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Cybersecurity Comprehensive Coverage